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Hi, I’m Sam Holland

And I love all things FOOD

Whether it’s a BBQ on the weekend, a date night or a Sunday roast, nothing beats breaking bread with friends and family.

Here I will show you some of the Holland family favourites along with loads of fun stories we have to share.

Inspired by my Granny Tess, a home-cook extraordinaire, I became interested in food as a young lad. With my brother, Harry we even established our own business – The Twin Bakers – selling brownies and soda bread door-to-door. Trading ended abruptly when we became self-conscious, fretting about doors being opened by parents of our school friends.

I still bake but on my own. The Twin Baker!  But this is a good thing. During a long stint working in New York, Harry called me up because he was cooking dinner for Tom and his team and he wanted to know how to make mashed potato!

My interest and love for food continues. I completed a course at a London culinary school and have worked in the kitchens of the UK’s number one luxury resort hotel and a Michelin starred London restaurant.

But this site is not all about teaching people how to cook. There are plenty of sites that do this already and featuring far better chefs than me.

Sam Holland Food is a fun place to visit for amateur chefs and food enthusiasts. Your food stories and mine with videos, pod-casts, blogs and no doubt with interactions and contributions from various Hollands and including the force of nature that is my Granny Tess.

Welcome to Sam Holland Food.

Thank you visiting my site. I hope you enjoy it and if so make sure to subscribe so you don’t miss a thing.

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